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[sticky post] Dat Re-translation policy...

So, peeps who keep messaging me and asking for my permission to retranslate the said translated mangas...

You may!!

Just make sure you tell everyone to support the mangaka etc and eh...

The usual...

Remember! my purpose in translating mangas is to spread the word about certain mangakas or mangas haha, so make sure that the message remains the same!

Retranslating Jappa no Amane

I basically did this whole manga injustice with my ultra shitty translation, so I wanted to redo it all over before I move onto other mangas. I cringed when I read my own translation haha, that's pretty bad.

So far translating the dialogues have been much easier since I'm relearning Chinese but in Mandarin and actually learning the GRAMMAR of it helps a lot. I'm sure I'll run in a rut again with finals and trying to find an internship...but hopefully the retranslation will be done before the summer of next year!

Exciting news?

There is a possibility that I'll be scanlating Choubi since someone requested it a long time ago and I thought I should probably try the scanlating hobby again while balancing college and work.

Haha, so in my spare time I've been using my phone as a handy dictionary. Praise the keyboards for having a handwriting system. I can't do pinyin since I learned hanyu instead.

Next I will probably try Dark Lover, but probably will be only translating since the scans are a pain to clean actually. Choubi isn't too bad, but it's quite text heavy and the stories aren't as exciting in my opinion, but they are decent enough and quite light. It should be shounen-ai instead of yaoi, but the first story says otherwise.

Oh well...

Hoping that my translation won't ruin another manga that's actually good.


Missing in action...forever?


I'm just too roped up in RL to look at chinese scans to decipher and translate its meaning into english...
I apologize, but you'll probably won't be seeing me until after I'm in college officially. Got into my top choice, but just too poor to afford it xD oh well, I'm not too sad about it.

Anyways people who requested their mangas, ill translate it eventually, and have the script ready, one day ill make a post and ask if anyone wants use it.

I'll be a lurker for now.

Sorry and Thank you!!!

So, it's my b-day today and thank you for the b-day wishes!!!

It's very nice of yall to send me your b-day wishes. :)

Of course onto the serious matters,

Sorry I haven't touched translating business lately...applying to other colleges have been a pain in my rear end and I don't have much time left to translating and etc.

I'm trying to do the mangas by volumes but seeing at how slow i work...it may take a really long time before I can release anything :(.
I'll try to do my best to release something before a certain date lol, I don't know when...but yeah!

A Dead Translator Is Bad...

I'm not completely dead, but sort of...
Just working on my art portfolio for the colleges I'm applying to...and hopefully I'll get in!
So...I'm going to ask you guys about stuff...
Like...what kind of manga should I translate (somewhere in February I'll probably get back in the translating business and help out some people with certain projects.)

So what kind of obscure yaoi manga you want translated?
And it has to be really obscure and has chinese scans lol like nobody would even want to translate it because it's kind of bad ya know? xD


Uh...people of LJ
Can you name a yaoi that had really bad art that's not translated and has chinese raws and it looks like it was drawn by a shoujo mangaka but apparently it's not haha

So name some here because I've been trying to find a certain manga that had 'unpolished' art for a while and it was school life with an indecisive uke haha it was really weird so i deleted it but not i regret it :(
i want to translate it and share it with yall